Welcome to EPASS Ltd.

Company EPASS Ltd. is dedicated to the development of software for business support. It created its own corporate ERP information system called EPASS®.The company provides comprehensive software solutions to all trade and economic agendas, which are normally kept in companies.

The specific focus of EPASS Ltd. is to adapt the standard information system to unusual customer requirements. It provides full support for custom development and custom adjustments to the system.

The philosophy of our company is the integration of all key corporate processes in the EPASS® system. This integration involves the close integration of ERP EPASS® with external systems, which are often necessary for key customer activities.

EPASS Ltd. also focuses on close integration of ERP EPASS® with Microsoft products, particulary, using platforms SharePoint Portal Server, Exchange Server, etc. Another trend is integration with various Internet portals. We provide system for clients such as Media and Marketing Services, a leading Czech radio marketing company, or LOMY MOŘINA, one of the most important Czech companies mining raw materials.