May 2009  -  Pinn Partners

We have started working with consultancy firm pinn partners who provide services in corporate consulting, corporate finance and corporate recovery services - crisis management, managing change and restructuring of companies. EPASS Ltd. provides software tools for building analysis and strategies.

May 2009  -  HR for Lomy Mořina

We have begun the implementation of HR module for our major partner, LOMY MOŘINA.

April 2009  -  ČSA (Czech airlines)

EPASS provides its software and other services for the main Czech airlines - ČSA.

January 2009  -  Suzuki Motor Czech

SUZUKI MOTOR CZECH and EPASS signed a contract relating to the supply and the introduction of a new software system.

January 2009  -  TENIS Centrum Český Krumlov

TENIS CENTRUM Český Krumlov started fully using ERP EPASS® for their trade and financial agendas.