ERP (Enterprise resource planning) systém EPASS® offers comprehensive software solutions to all the agendas which are kept in companies. For information about individual modules, see here... Its open architecture provides allows the development of the system, depending on growth and needs.

EPASS® offers

  • comprehensive business solutions
  • modern solution - the system is designed for Windows platform (fully 32-bit applications), architecture client / server, using standard Microsoft SQL database server
  • integration with Microsoft products - this solution allows fullintegration with Microsoft products (MS Excel, Word, etc.)
  • maximum flexibility - the component architecture of the system, originally proposed solutions (eg. EP_klasifikátor) and overall philosophy of the system ensures that the system will respect all user requirements
  • extendability - the system can be extended to external aplications. EPASS Ltd. cooperates with other companies in the implementation of IS EPASS®
  • tools for data access - a broad user-adjustable functions (filtration, etc.) and integration with Microsoft (MS Excel, Word, ...) ensure that the user will always have access to relevant data
  • maximum security - sophisticated access rights for the individual features (objects), you can create individual and group access rights. There is of course a detailed system log twith a "journal"
  • active licensing policy
  • wide range of services - we provide all services associated with the implementation and using of the system ERP EPASS®

Module chart

Click on the link to view the EPASS® module chart.