A System Built on 30 Years of Experience

Our Beginnings

We started working in the field of SW application creation in 1993 as a group of entrepreneurs, mostly made up of classmates from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University. Unlike many other companies in this field, we had no product or experience at the beginning, and our entire entry into the business was determined only by our own ideas and decisions grafted on the few opportunities that came our way.

Considering our zero portfolio of salable products, we focused on requests for custom applications and managed to get a few on special topics that companies selling off-the-shelf solutions were not interested in. After the successful implementation of several custom applications, we gained not only certain experience for further direction, but also a moderate self-confidence that we can operate in this way, and we founded the company EPASS s.r.o.

From Orders to an Enterprise Information System

As already said in the introduction, in the initial phase we accepted any requests for specific applications that were in demand and at the same time were not on the market for finished products. Such projects were not attractive enough for established SW companies.
What is worth mentioning is a contract for the radio station VOX. For her, we created a special program for planning and accounting for radio advertising, which was then used by a number of other radio stations.

The order for the FORUM hotel for the program for planning and managing conference and banquet activities became crutial for us. A separate BANKET program was created. According to experts, our solution at that time exceeded similar foreign products, because it reflected all the requirements of the client 100% in detail, and was also an order of magnitude lower in price.
At that time, we had already created the basic modules included in every information system, including the management of partners, users and access rights, document registration, etc. Thanks to the BANKET system, we managed to win the tender for the Municipal House in Prague. With this contract, we definitively completed the path to an information system containing accounting and warehouse modules.

Another turning point for our focus was the contract for the delivery of an accounting and technical system for the company LOMY MOŘINA Ltd. With the then managing director Ing. Zdenek Trinkewitz, we subsequently managed to build a unique complex SW superstructure for the area of ​​surface mining of raw materials. Here we have already profited fully from our custom beginnings. We knew how to listen to the customer’s requirements and thanks to this we gained invaluable experience in the field. It directed us to the implementation of similar projects with other customers, focused not only on the extraction of raw materials, but also on the recycling of materials. The development of a system for managing the operation of concrete plants also belongs to the same or a similar category.

How We Actually Do It

It wasn’t hard to see that the various custom applications had a number of common features. This leads to the simple conclusion, it is more efficient to write universal codes that will be reusable for other projects. That’s why we decided on a component modular architecture built on Microsoft technologies and started building our products as a certain SW kit that has wide configuration options. As part of the professionalization of our work, we have established strict and relatively demanding development rules. In our chosen model of component technology, it was possible to organically incorporate additional application layers of custom applications without creating any clumsy conglomerate. This laid the foundation for the future EPASS® ERP system.

Key to the entire ERP EPASS® architecture is the component approach, the consistent separation of individual modules and their mutual communication only through defined interfaces. The robust data model is based on Microsoft’s SQL Server database system. Thanks to hundreds of ready-made “sockets”, the system is maximally open and perfectly prepared for customized adaptations. ERP EPASS® is thus a platform for the development of any applications.

Our effort is to solve each problem as generically as possible, thereby preparing the ground for further future modifications and deployment in other applications. We consistently avoid so-called “hard-coded” solutions. Although this general solution approach of ours represents a certain time and financial investment at the beginning, it ultimately represents a more economically advantageous option. The system is thus optimally prepared for further development and modifications, which occur in most implementations and whose implementation is significantly easier than reworking a one-time solution.

Based on the gradual development and expansion of the thematic scope of our information system, we have obtained a general and flexible tool for the implementation of common economic , business and production corporate agendas, but also a wide set of above-standard requirements.

EPASS and Trade

In general, we are much better developers than marketers, we admit it. We do not hide some shortcomings or unsolved issues, even though we know that a good trader must be able to direct unpleasant questions about some feature that the system does not have, to direct them to the lost in the worst case, if not to directly promote it to priority. The main method when dealing with a potential customer is to try to project their requirements into the possibilities of our system, including the proposal of possible modifications to the system core so that we adapt the system and the customer does not have to adapt itself. Our effort is to deal straightforwardly, we don’t say about all customer requests that “it’s no problem” and if we see any shortcomings in his established processes, we try to draw attention to them.

After Implementation

With the deployment of the system, our activities do not end, but move to another form and level. Above all, these are services, ensuring the smooth operation of the system through a team of service workers. Other activities relate to ensuring the maintenance and development of the system in accordance with legislation and technological changes of third-party products – operating and database systems. Of course, the system is also developed taking into account general trends in the IT field and the changing needs and requirements of customers. Due to our focus on long-term cooperation, we also try to pass on partial recommendations for certain company processes based on long-term experience from other implemented projects and on general knowledge of our system and the field in which the customer operates.

In Conclusion

Currently, EPASS has established itself as a supplier of sophisticated solutions in the field of extraction and processing of primary raw materials, including related SW modules for supporting weighing systems and managing the production and distribution of concrete mixtures. This is now our primary focus, however, due to the high variability of the system, we also cover a whole range of other fields. We have customers from various areas such as municipalities, hotels, wholesalers, warehouses, design offices, accounting companies and many others.

ERP EPASS® represents a complete ecosystem of applications.

  • The main one is a native Windows application, supplemented by a web interface for working with the system’s main agendas.
  • For the work of users in the field, we have a special tablet application Mobile Store , which allows online access to various modules of the EPASS system such as warehouses, maintenance, dispatch, etc. The Mobile Store application uses its own user interface, which is maximally simplified with a strong emphasis on ergonomics.
  • For cooperation with other applications, there is a special integration interface built on web services .
  • A dedicated application server is available for automatically processed tasks solving repetitive routine activities .

Since the historical beginnings of our activity, a lot has changed both technologically and in our portfolio. What hasn’t changed is our proactive approach to customers. We consider it most important to understand what the customer’s core needs are, which we will then focus on and propose an effective solution with maximum use of possible automation. We continue to deal with customers straightforwardly, even if it is not always the most advantageous for us. We always prioritize the elimination of errors and defects, which no sophisticated solution can avoid.

We have many other plans and visions, however we are aware of the most basic rule of development which says, that all plans of every company must be blessed by the customer’s interest.

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