A System Built on 30 Years of Experience

Our Beginnings

In 1993, a group of entrepreneurs, mostly consisting of classmates from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University, began working in the field of software application creation. Unlike many other companies in this industry, we did not have a product or any prior experience. Our entry into the business was solely based on our own ideas and decisions, supplemented by the few opportunities that came our way.

Despite having no portfolio of salable products, we concentrated on fulfilling requests for custom applications. Our focus was on addressing specific needs that other companies selling off-the-shelf solutions were not interested in. With the successful implementation of several custom applications, we not only gained valuable experience for future projects but also a sense of confidence that our unique approach could work. This led us to establish our own company, EPASS s.r.o.

From Orders to an Enterprise Information System

As stated in the introduction, during the initial phase, we accepted requests for specific applications that were in demand but not available as finished products on the market. These projects were not appealing enough for established software companies.
What is worth mentioning is a contract for the radio station VOX. We developed a specialized program for planning and accounting radio advertising which was adopted by several radio stations.

Undertaking the project for the FORUM hotel to manage conference and banquet activities through a program was crucial for us. A separate program was developed specifically for banquets. This solution was considered superior to similar foreign products as it met all the client’s requirements in detail and was significantly cheaper. Experts who evaluated the solution agreed that it exceeded expectations.
At that time, we had already developed the fundamental modules that are incorporated in every information system, such as partner, user, and access rights management, document registration, and so on. The implementation of the BANKET system was instrumental in securing our successful bid for the Municipal House project in Prague, which marked the ultimate realization of our goal for an information system that incorporates accounting and warehouse modules.

One of the most significant milestones for our company was the contract we secured to deliver an accounting and technical system to LOMY MOŘINA Ltd. Working closely with the then-managing director, Ing. Zdenek Trinkewitz, we were able to develop a unique software superstructure for surface mining of raw materials. This project marked a significant achievement for us, as it allowed us to gain invaluable experience in the field by closely listening to and fulfilling the customer’s requirements. With this experience, we went on to undertake similar projects with other customers, including recycling materials and managing the operation of concrete plants.

How We Actually Do It

After analyzing various custom applications, it became evident that they shared many common features. To improve efficiency, we decided to write universal codes that can be reused for other projects. To achieve this, we adopted a component modular architecture built on Microsoft technologies and began building our products as a software kit that has wide configuration options. To enhance professionalism, we established strict and relatively demanding development rules. Our chosen component technology model enabled us to organically incorporate additional application layers of custom applications without creating a clumsy conglomerate. This laid the foundation for the future EPASS® ERP system.

Key to the entire ERP EPASS® architecture is the component approach, the consistent separation of individual modules, and their mutual communication only through defined interfaces. The robust data model is based on Microsoft’s SQL Server database system. With hundreds of ready-made “sockets”, the system is highly open and well-suited for customized adaptations. ERP EPASS® is a platform for developing various applications.

We aim to solve every problem in the most generic way possible, which helps in preparing the groundwork for future modifications and deployment in other applications. We always steer clear of hard-coded solutions. Although our general solution approach requires a certain amount of time and financial investment at the beginning, it ultimately proves to be more economically advantageous. This way, the system is optimally prepared for further development and modifications, which are usually required in most implementations. It is significantly easier to implement these modifications than to rework a one-time solution.

Our information system has gradually developed and expanded its thematic scope, resulting in a versatile tool for implementing corporate agendas related to economics, business, and production. Additionally, it also fulfills a wide range of above-standard requirements.

EPASS and Trade

As developers, we acknowledge that we are better at coding than marketing. However, we do not conceal any shortcomings or unresolved issues. We understand that a good trader should be able to handle difficult questions about the system’s features and direct them to the appropriate channels, or even prioritize them. When dealing with potential customers, we aim to align their requirements with the capabilities of our system. If necessary, we suggest modifications to the core system to better suit their needs. Our approach is to be transparent and upfront. We do not make false promises or claim that all customer requests are possible. If we identify any inadequacies in their established processes, we bring them to their attention.

After Implementation

After deploying the system, our responsibilities do not end but rather shift to a different form and level. Our services include ensuring the smooth operation of the system through a team of service workers. We also undertake activities related to maintaining and developing the system following the relevant legislation and technological changes of third-party products, such as operating and database systems. Additionally, we take into account general trends in the IT field and the evolving needs and requirements of customers while developing the system. Since we focus on long-term cooperation, we provide recommendations for specific company processes based on our experience from other implemented projects and our knowledge of the system and the industry in which the customer operates.

In Conclusion

At EPASS, we specialize in providing our clients with advanced solutions for extracting and processing primary raw materials. Our offerings also include software modules for supporting weighing systems, managing the production, and distribution of concrete mixtures. While our primary focus is on the extraction and processing of raw materials, we also cater to clients from various other fields. Our clientele includes municipalities, hotels, wholesalers, warehouses, design offices, accounting companies, and many others.

ERP EPASS® represents a complete ecosystem of applications.

  • The main one is a native Windows application, supplemented by a web interface for working with the system’s main agendas.
  • For the work of users in the field, we have a special tablet application Mobile Store , which allows online access to various modules of the EPASS system such as warehouses, maintenance, dispatch, etc. The Mobile Store application uses its own user interface, which is maximally simplified with a strong emphasis on ergonomics.
  • For cooperation with other applications, there is a special integration interface built on web services .
  • A dedicated application server is available for automatically processed tasks solving repetitive routine activities .

Since our establishment, there have been significant technological advancements and changes in our range of services. However, our approach to customer service has remained proactive and unchanged. We believe that understanding the customer’s primary needs is crucial, and we focus on proposing effective solutions with the highest possible level of automation. We maintain transparency and honesty in all our dealings with customers, even if it is not always beneficial for us. Our top priority is to eliminate any errors and defects, that no sophisticated solution can avoid.

We have many plans and visions for the future. However, we recognize that all plans of every company must follow the customers’ interests, as it is a fundamental rule of development.

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