ERP EPASS® is a versatile Enterprise Information System that caters to the diverse needs of customers across various industries. With its numerous configuration options, it enables you to integrate various customer functions and third-party software seamlessly.

ERP EPASS means…


The system provides comprehensive information coverage for companies operating in manufacturing, finance, trade, and services. It enables efficient management of warehouses, capacity planning, document circulation, and customer relationships. The system modules are closely interconnected, and their uniform appearance and operation enhance work efficiency.


The system allows seamless integration with third-party logistics and financial systems, regardless of the technology used. We also provide interfaces with state portals, weighing and bunkering systems, production technologies of concrete plants, and other programs used by the customer.


The system is entirely configurable, enabling users to model and set up all basic company processes without any programming. Each user can personalize their working environment to suit their preferences, from basic menus to selecting information of interest. Additionally, the system’s appearance can be customized using predefined themes.


We are here to take care of you. We provide comprehensive support, including consultation, system analysis, implementation, training, and online assistance with direct user screen access. Our highly qualified support team is always available for assistance and advice.


The system utilizes only MS SQL Server to store data, which enables you to set up detailed access permissions for specific agendas and features and specify the ownership of particular data. With the system, you can track the complete history of all modifications that have been made to the data stored in it. Moreover, the deletion of stored data only happens at the logical level.


The open component architecture supports general communication standards, allowing unlimited system development in sync with your company’s growth and new IT possibilities.

Finance – the Heart of any ERP System

Solutions Based on ERP EPASS®

Concrete Plants Management

Comprehensive tools for business processes, planning of production and technical resources and maximally integrated management of concrete production with production technologies.

Surface Mining

Capturing and managing mining processes, solving challenges in processing, and sale of raw materials, and connecting to management and economic subsystems.

Wastes and Recycling

Aimed at companies that provide services for the collection and treatment of construction waste, the software offers a specialized ergonomic user interface and supports waste reception and shipment.


Comprehensive support of corporate business operations. It covers all major stages of purchasing or sales processes – demand, offering, execution and financial settlement.

Other Solutions Based on ERP EPASS®

Special Applications

Cost Calculations

Calculation of the costs of housing cooperatives and Association of flat unit owners divided into individual owners of housing units

Explosives Records

Storage and recording of explosives using programmable offline barcode readers

EPASS Weighing Scale

Comprehensive system for weighing vehicles and transported materials integrated in ERP EPASS®

ESA – WEB Application

Web application for service technicians to commissioning and servicing of equipment

Technical Services

Monitoring of technical and economic indicators of budgetary service organizations of cities and municipalities


A tool to support company management by evaluating important data from monetary and material sources of the information system

Who Are We, Anyway?

We have been here for you since 1994.
The ERP EPASS developed by us is the original domestic application.
We respect the requirements of Czech, Slovak and Polish legislation.
Our customers include commercial and manufacturing companies, hotels, cultural facilities and contributory organizations.

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