EPASS Ltd.. provides its customers with a wide range of services related to the maintenance and development of ERP EPASS®. Our service program guarantees our customers optimal services for repairs, servicing, and continuous innovation and updates to the system. The customer can choose the most suitable service that meets their needs by discussing it with our consultants.

Servicing the System

Resolving Error Conditions Caused by

  • ERP EPASS® failure (after warranty period)
  • Failure due to force majeure
  • Failure caused by HW equipment (computer, server, printer,…)
  • A fault in third-party software products on which IS EPASS® is based or with which IS EPASS® interacts directly: (operating system, database system, presentation system, communication system,…)

Information System and Data Maintenance

  • Verification of the formal correctness of the data
  • Checking indexes and reindexing index files, checking and updating statistics

Hotline (Counselling – Consultation)

  • Control of the program in specific user conditions and in different situations of ERP EPASS® operation
  • Consultation on data recording in specific conditions and situations of ERP EPASS® operation

Development and Modification of the System

This is a package of services that aims to enhance the system comprehensively. The package includes delivering updated versions of the system, an installer, and a script to update the database. The development of the system continues due to legislative changes, new functionalities, and enhancements in the user experience while using the system.

Other Services

EPASS s.r.o. offers services related to the implementation and deployment of the information system.

  • system integration
  • system analyses
  • consulting services
  • specific system modifications according to customer requirements
  • training

Services not Directly Related to ERP EPASS®

  • outsourcing of development capacities (COM, Delphi, .NET, SQL Server, …)
  • creation of customer WEB interfaces
  • customization of Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server
  • custom applications built on Microsoft Exchange Server
  • financial analysis and consulting in the field of strategic and business planning
  • ICT infrastructure consulting services