EPASS Ltd. Presents

The seventh version of ERP EPASS® has been released with a wide range of new features. Our main focus during the development process was to make the system more user-friendly and efficient. We have also added the option of customizing the system’s appearance according to user preferences to enhance the overall user experience.


If you enjoy staying updated with the latest news and information, our Newsreader is the perfect tool. It provides fresh and relevant news right after you log in to the system.

Voice Services Support

Do you prefer dictating over writing? Save time with voice service support.

Various Color Themes

Which theme do you prefer: dark, light, or colorful? Choose the one that suits you best.

Various Sets of Icons

Users can further personalize the system’s appearance by selecting from various icon sets available.

Vertical Main Window

You have the flexibility to adjust the application window either vertically or horizontally to suit your preference.

Hyperlinks on EPASS Objects

Sharing a link to a partner’s card or document is easy with a hyperlink.

View by documents, not just by document cards

You no longer need to search for documents on document cards; you can now easily view them on their own.

Quick Text Deletion

It’s easy to start over. Simply delete and rewrite.

GMailu and Outlook Support

Keep all your emails organized in one place for easy access.

EPPortalu Emprovements

EPPortal has introduced new features including a new Timesheet agenda and an improved ability to define different filters and switch between them.

Replication Support

With replication support, selected functionality can be operated offline in locations without an internet connection to the central database

Location Warehouse Support

Storage made easy! With the new support for positioned warehouses, you can now have a simple system for marking locations in the warehouse. Each product is assigned a specific place marked with a number, making it easier to quickly and accurately search for it.

Multi CVS Adjustment

Instead of marking the entire record select the desired entry and press OK.

New Peripheries

EPASS offers the convenience of being able to connect payment terminals and cash drawers, allowing for seamless payment options by card or cash. With its ability to understand all peripherals, EPASS streamlines the payment process for you.