Why the EPASS® system…

Why the EPASS® System…

EPASS Ltd. is the domestic creator of the EPASS® ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Additionally, the company serves as both a reseller and implementer of the system. Consequently, ERP EPASS® offers greater flexibility and efficiency in meeting customer requirements compared to solutions where suppliers, implementers, and developers are separate entities. Moreover, possessing comprehensive knowledge of the Czech and Slovak environments provides a significant advantage.

EPASS Ltd. Offers

  • A comprehensive solution that encompasses all business operations, from finance to sales, with specialized options tailored to different business sectors.
  • Tailored solutions designed for companies across various industries, including manufacturing, finance, trade, and services.
  • Customized solutions crafted to address the specific requirements of individual customers.
  • Seamless integration with existing specialized programs used by the customer.

Tailor-made Presentations

The customized presentation offers the opportunity to assess, without obligation, the EPASS® ERP system’s capability to accommodate the specific needs of a potential customer. EPASS Ltd. provides a complimentary one-time consultation, as well as preparation and presentation of the system.

Process Modelling with Configuration

The majority of user requirements can be met through configuration, which involves defining the behavior of individual components such as partners, documents, catalogs, price lists, warehouses, financial transactions, and the relationships between them. Configuration tools allow for defining registers and numerous specific properties for all components through parameters, which can then be filtered and sorted. This enables the modeling of basic processes and deviations from standard business and production practices.
Additionally, part of the preparation may involve importing provided data, allowing potential users to view their products, prices, and customers within a system that aligns with the company’s practices.

Flexibility with your own eyes

This approach enables the customer to accurately evaluate how well the system aligns with their expectations, rather than solely relying on a generic description of its features. Such a presentation offers tangible evidence of the system’s flexibility, which is vital for operational deployment and adapting to new requirements.